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Top 5 Tips for Amazon Sellers

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Top 5 Tips for Amazon Sellers

Amazon turned 20 recently and what started off as an online bookstore is today world’s biggest online retailer that presents excellent opportunity for third party sellers. The internet marketplace has become very competitive for sales, thanks to the steadily growing sellers-base. It isn’t easy to make your item be found and bought by your target consumers.  Here are the top selling tips for Amazon sellers.

 1. Optimize Product Details to Make it Search-friendly

Amazon is undoubtedly a crowded and competitive marketplace. One way to make your consumers find your product is to optimize product information including product title, description, search terms/keywords, product identifiers, color, size, etc. By providing accurate product information you are improving the chances of your product being found and bought.

 2. Ace Competitive Pricing

Price is one of the biggest factors that determine whether someone purchases your product. So you need to know what are the prices you are competing against and how best to fix a unique selling price for your product.

3. Win the Buy Box

Buy box is a box on product detail page where e-shoppers can start the purchase process by adding items to their carts. About 82% of Amazon’s sales go through the Buy Box, and the percentage is much higher for mobile purchases. Owning a buy box helps increase sales and is critical for sellers that face competition from multiple sellers for the same product.

4. Focus on Continually Improving Your Performance

 If you plan to sell large volumes of products on Amazon, you will need to continuously monitor your performance and improve your efforts accordingly. Keep tabs on sales, return rate and seller rating among other metrics that are relevant to your business.

5. Make Product Reviews Work for You

Product reviews can be tricky in that they can go either way for sellers. While great reviews can get you more business, poor reviews can quickly lead to decrease in both trust and sales. By constantly monitoring and seeking customer reviews you can engage with your customer to assess their buying experience and even fix the problem before that bad review gets published.

Final Word

Selling on Amazon can be smooth and lucrative if you follow the Amazon rules and the tips mentioned in this blog. Additionally, you can attach a coupon to the bottom of your packing slip or announce regular flash deals, BOGOF, one time promotions and free shipping among other thing to keep those buyer coming back for more.

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