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Business information providers deliver end-to-end solutions along the information value chain from data collection to information delivery. By providing real-time, enriched information anytime, anywhere in various media and a variety of delivery formats, business information providers help customers outperform their competitors. In the case of Springbord, our experience with the market leaders in credit and financial information, real estate information, industry information, scientific, technical and medical information, and the legal, tax and regulatory information segments, gives us a deep understanding of our customers and their business needs. As an outsourcing and transformation partner, we bring resources and expertise that help improve our customer's productivity and enhance their bottom line.

We invest heavily in our people and in Information Technology so we can bring innovative ideas and practical solutions to our customers. The advantages of outsourcing your business information needs to Springbord are many:

  • Customer-first mindset: A Springbord account representative is placed onsite with the customer's team to ensure a seamless working relationship. The account representative is then paired with a senior Springbord Delivery Manager to complete the Springbord 'Two-in-a-Box' customer engagement model.
  • Global operating model: With headquarters & operation centers in India and sales offices in USA & UK, Springbord's roots are global and combine best practices from a variety of business cultures. No matter where your business is located, Springbord has the knowledge, experience and resources to meet your business information needs.
  • Talent: Our business sensibility and IT knowledge are unrivaled. Many of our senior people originate from the businesses we serve, so we are able to offer deep experience across almost all major industries.
  • Innovation: Built on the latest Web 2.0 technologies, the new Springbord 2.0 global delivery platform enables our workforce, business partners and customers around the world to work in unison. This enables sharing of best practices, expertise and insights, and facilitates real time collaboration that yields superior results.
  • Uncompromising standards: Because our culture is values based, customers are assured of the highest ethical standards of integrity, transparency and corporate governance.
  • Integrated Services Portfolio: Our tightly integrated offerings are tailored to each customer's requirements and span the services spectrum - from application development/maintenance and IT infrastructure management through strategic consulting and industry-oriented business process outsourcing.

We cater to the Financial Services, Yellow Pages, Information Publishers, Real Estate, Ecommerce and Airline industries.

Springbord is capable of ramping up very quickly both in terms of people and output. We have access to highly experienced resources and hence, can manage considerable volumes in a short period. The following are examples of our ability to scalability.

M&A Database Creation: M&A database creation for a UK-based financial information provider, Springbord set up a team of 10 financial analysts to aggregate the deals of more than US$ 1 Million in deal size from all the emerging markets. The client expected us to create this database in 3 months time with at least 3000 deals captured. Springbord quickly expanded the team of analysts and reached the target within the stipulated time.

Airline Company Research: In the case of a company analysis assignment for a large UK-based research company, we set up a dedicated team of about 20 experts within 2 weeks and trained them to go live in another 2 weeks. Subsequently, this team went on to create more than 300 strategic company profiles for this client over a 2-3 month period.

We have in-house capabilities in data sourcing, crawler development, process refining and process automation. Springbord's employees adapt quickly and learn fast.

Based on the types of services provided and the volume/ duration of the assignment, various pricing models are available. The options include (a) per-deliverable basis (b) per man-hour basis. For instance, in cases of large volume projects with shorter delivery cycles, we will charge on a per-deliverable basis. e.g., patent searches. Projects requiring development and continuous analysis are charged on a per man-hour basis e.g., patent landscaping studies, portfolio analysis, etc. In addition, an FTE-based pricing option is also available. This is applicable when a dedicated team of Springbord experts is required for a specific project for a medium-long duration of time.

Data aggregating related: Springbord is experienced in the following data aggregating areas:

  • People, product, project, and price information
  • Company data
  • Yellow Pages business listing
  • Airline MRO contracts
  • Real estate reference data
  • Financial data


Research Related: Springbord accepts assignments in the following research areas:

  • Information retrieval
  • M&A database research
  • Company research
  • Equity instrument research
  • Financial research & analytics

We maintain the highest security standards in the industry for protecting our customer's data. Springbord is an information security management organization practicing high standards in firewalls and back-up storage of all data and files. Projects are executed with resources belonging to clearly distinguished user groups, isolated from one another via VLANs. Floppy and CD/ DVD drives are disabled and any carriage of portable storage media inside the facility is restricted and monitored stringently. Email access is restricted to the company mail server only. We also sign NDAs with all our customers and our employees.

Projects are executed with resources belonging to clearly distinguished user groups, isolated from one another via VLANs. Floppy and CD/ DVD drives are disabled and any carriage of portable storage media inside the facility is restricted and monitored stringently.

Yes, we are open to customizing our work model to suit our customer's needs. We are willing to do a limited pilot assignment to showcase our capabilities.

Our Business Development Managers (BDMs) in the India will be in constant touch with you at every stage, from inquiry through commissioning of the project/ pilot. For project/ pilot-related communications in the operational area, the general manager will be the primary contact person starting from the commissioning of the assignment. For all business and commercial communication, the contact persons will be the President, Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Operations Officer of Springbord. While direct email communication is possible at the team leader and above levels due to security reasons, instant messaging is available only at the Business Head level. Depending on the requirement, the teams can collaborate with the client teams for a telecom / web conference, etc. as well.


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