Identify Attractive Price Points to Boost Sales and Maximize Profits

Ecommerce is an aggressively competitive landscape characterized by dynamic pricing strategies to woo highly price-sensitive consumer base. We know that shoppers often make their buying decisions after comparing products and prices. Which means if your products are not priced optimally then chances are that you could be losing your consumers to your competitors. As an ecommerce player, you need to have competitive price intelligence to create an effective pricing strategy. Springbord’s online price monitoring services offer you complete visibility into competitors’ pricing information and possible price fluctuations giving you the opportunity to identify competitive and profitable price points for your products.

Using our proprietary pricing intelligence tool, we automate the process of price monitoring. The tool helps capture, map, organize, and present most relevant competitive pricing information on a real-time basis. It also provides a recommendation report that determines whether you need to adjust your pricing methods to gain maximum competitive advantage. Besides, we chart, compile, and analyze pricing data, market movements, and even internal enterprise data. With Springbord’s product pricing intelligence and monitoring services you can create efficient pricing strategies to implement mark-ups and discounts based on market factors and product performance. We also assist you in remodeling your pricing strategies to maximize sales and bottom line.


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