Get a Granular View of Corporate Structures and Interrelationships

Assessing corporate actions data and investment performance are key to staying current and ensuring competitiveness for financial institutions. Understanding complex interrelationships between corporations and their acquisitions, joint ventures, mergers, minority investments, divestitures, and asset swaps is critical to this assessment. Springbord’s corporate hierarchy data research services bring all the corporate information you need in one place, providing a granular view of the corporate structure information needed for in-depth analysis and assessment.

At Springbord, we understand that no two companies are alike, therefore every research project is custom designed to meet client's business-specific requirements. We specialize in collecting corporate hierarchy information for parent company, subsidiaries, joint ventures, and major and minor stake holdings. Using smart and extensive research methodologies, Springbord helps capture, build and maintain accurate and up-to-date corporate hierarchy database. Our experienced and adept team of researchers help identify all company name variations, essential to developing a truly comprehensive and accurate database. We collect corporate actions information from various sources including websites and statutory, current and historic filings. In addition, we conduct frequent data verification to ensue data accuracy at all times.


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