Get Access to In-depth Financial Information that no Other Indian Company Database can Offer

Whether it is making investment decisions, gathering business intelligence, analyzing and mitigating financial and reputational risk, gaining deeper insight into existing or new markets or simply complying with regulatory standards – companies’ data is lifeline for financial services institutions. However, rapid growth in structured and unstructured data from various sources demands specialized skills, technologies and tools that can help efficiently acquire, convert, clean, enrich and integrate data.

Focusing on this critical requirement, Springbord has developed a detailed and comprehensive database of Indian private companies – that includes end-to-end financial details along with shareholding information of 8K entities. Apart from the database being readily available for sale, we also offer integration services helping you process and upload the data on your target system or warehouse. The database includes up-to-date information of companies’ financials for the last three years and is updated every year to make sure the information is current and accurate. With our database you will have quick access to extensive and reliable information.

In addition to the ready-to-use database, we also provide financial entity research services that comprises acquiring, cleaning, enriching, and maintaining new and existing databases, and continuous data verification. From company’s registration data, ownership details, fundamental information to hierarchy data we can gather and process any volume of global company records. Our service highlights include:

  • Considering your unique business requirements, Springbord customizes corporate hierarchy data research for financial institutions, ratings companies and financial information providers, to custom build database designed to deliver targeted business objectives.
  • Understanding the criticality of up-to-date data, we keep a close watch on M&A activities and program automated alerts to help clients stay ahead of developments at every stage of the M&A process. This includes pending and completed acquisitions, along with industry-leading, in-depth corporate data for the companies involved in the transactions.
  • Standardizing content to ensure compatibility with system and data models. Our team converts shareholding patterns, ownership details, and other such fundamental information to standardized data, improving integrity and consistency. Data normalization optimizes data utilization as well as lead management.

Whether you wish to buy our data directory or hire our data management services, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist.


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