Track End-to-end M&A Activities on a Real Time Basis

In a competitive market mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are an important growth strategy and are on the rise. It is therefore imperative for businesses and financial institutions to keep a close track of M&A activities to make sound strategic business decisions. However, given the complex and extensive nature of M&A activities, monitoring them can be a daunting task. Springbord M&A database creation services provide reliable and real-time information, allowing you to track every activity right from initial rumor to completion, including post-acquisition strategy while containing costs.

Springbord’s proprietary M&A transaction aggregation and maintenance tool, HABMAT™, offers exhaustive M&A coverage on a real-time basis. Right from in-depth transaction details, corporate profiles for the stakeholders involved to company data, our tool captures extensive M&A data into a single window. The tool also triggers automated alerts allowing you to stay abreast of the developments at every stage of an M&A process. In addition, the HABMAT tool is capable of aggregating as much as ten years' worth of information, providing clients with an exhaustive M&A database.

Combining our experience in the latest M&A research techniques, data management expertise, and the power of the HABMAT tool, we build and maintain high quality, accurate, and reliable M&A database, ensuring delivery excellence. Our services include updating existing M&A databases or designing and building customized databases specific to your business requirements. Financial information on both buyer and seller is collected and updated for each transaction and cleansed every time there is an update. Springbord’s expert team of research and analytics help you calculate deal multiples such as deal value to sales, deal value to own capital or assets, calculation of enterprise value, market valuation, and terminal value. We also provide M&A data backfill services to help clients update missing past data and complete the chart with no voids and issues.


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