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The digital revolution has significantly impacted B2B information providers. Increasing popularity and use of Internet-based communications channels and online publications, are putting business information providers under immense pressure to demonstrate the value of their services. The challenge is further compounded by increasing demand for high-quality information that data processing companies need to deliver with limited resources. The need of the hour is to deliver reliable data through relevant and user-friendly channels. In addition, information service providers also need to continually invest in new value-added services that are useful and cost-effective.

What Springbord can do for you

Springbord has been working closely with B2B information providers for years now. We understand diverse industry requirements and offer targeted, focused and relevant data services to meet your business challenges, needs and opportunities. Using primary and secondary sources, media monitoring and surveys we offer tailored services for data acquisition, aggregation and classification based on your industry and business requirements. Combining smart technology tools and years of experience and expertise we help acquire high-quality, latest and useful data.

We offer data acquisition services for the following

Why partner with Springbord

Springbord brings deep domain knowledge and strong focus on data quality to the table. Our services equip you to build and maintain comprehensive and up-to-date information base. This in turn helps you:

  • Improve your value proposition
  • Contain costs and optimize resource utilization
  • Increase subscription and boost revenue and profits


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