Facilitate Efficient Information Exchange with Comprehensive Information Base

Business to Government (B2G) information providers need to have comprehensive and up-to-date information to facilitate efficient information exchange, between companies and the government, required to do business. Springbord offers data collection and processing services to companies that provide information for government projects open for bid. Our services enable you to meet all your business and market data requirements efficiently.

Our team of experts bring in years of experience and expertise to deliver accurate and reliable data. We search numerous government websites to identify bid documents and transform content into searchable database. This helps builders, subcontractors, product manufacturers, and other interested parties easily search for relevant information. Our services are classified into following categories:

Project information: Springbord aggregates and maintains project information using state-of-the-art harvesting tools and human intelligence. We collect data from relevant sources, normalize, categorize, and enrich it to suit business-specific needs of information providers. We also track project status all the way from the original bid announcement through to the awarding of the contract.

Business entity information: We aggregate and maintain records of business entities such as architects, manufacturers, suppliers and government agencies. Details include names, business descriptions, products and services, addresses, websites, latest news, and any other information to meet your business requirements.

Product information: Springbord aggregates and maintains bid data, relating to the products, that are sourced from product manufacturers and suppliers’ websites. We collect product descriptions, technical specifications, product photographs and other images and data as required by information providers.


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