Maximize Value of your Data through Robust Management

Data has emerged to be the driving force of any business in this digital landscape. It is especially crucial for the information publishing industry where data from various industries and sources play a dynamic role. Information publishers are increasingly trying to use data efficiently. However, massive volume and diversity make it difficult to harness the potential of data to the fullest. Sourcing, cleaning, updating, processing, storing and maintaining accurate and consistent data pose serious challenges. Having said that, quality information is a prerequisite to every business process – customer engagement, marketing, process improvement and practically every other decision made across the board. It is therefore, imperative for industry players to ensure they have a robust data management process in place to drive desirable business outcomes.

Springbord offers end-to-end Data Management services for information publishers to support them in sourcing, processing and managing data in real-time. By combining data management expertise with advanced tools we help aggregate data as per your business-specific requirements. Springbord brings in extensive experience in managing data end-to-end across diverse industry verticals. We help effortlessly manage mission-critical data and in-turn simplify the process of extracting meaningful insight to power strategic business decisions. Our data management portfolio offers a range of services that include:

Data Discovery – We collect and analyze data from multiple sources and discover hidden patterns and trends that can offer deeper insight and business intelligence. Our process entails gathering, combining and analyzing data in a sequence designed to clean and make unstructured distributed data understandable, accessible and user-friendly.

Data Acquisition – For machine learning techniques to work you need to build a solid dataset acquired from multiple sources. Springbord follows extract- transform- load (ETL) to collect and process various datasets across length and breadth of business verticals. We help create comprehensive, high quality and domain-specific dataset built to support advanced algorithms and data models.

Data Enrichment – It is a critical process to ensure your business data is up-to-date, accurate and consistent. Through data enrichment we help clean, match and affix operational as well as customer attributes on a granular level and by doing so we in turn enable you to engage targeted audience and make relevant and informed decisions.

Data Verification and Validation - Employing a judicious mix of automated as well as manual processes we significantly improve the quality of your data. The process includes assessing and verifying your data against all available sources, identifying gaps, inaccuracies and redundancies within the database. We then validate, clean and normalize your data to ensure data integrity, consistency and accuracy to the last detail and specification.

Data Normalization- Since data is gathered from multiple sources which of course means it has structural inconsistencies. Using automated and advanced tools we normalize data to eliminate inconsistencies, redundancies, errors and gaps. We help standardize data to create a single source of truth that is relevant and accurate. The data is presented in a recognizable and user-friendly format that can be easily integrated with organization’s system/software.

Data Delivery - Data delivery is another process that play a key role in deriving value from data, facilitating analytics and gaining business intelligence. We use custom delivery platform to simplify the tedious process of converting and delivering data from source to target database and data warehouse. We can deliver data in any format including API and XML based on your business, project or operational needs.

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