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Unprecedented proliferation of smartphones, ubiquitous connectivity and smart navigation devices have brought geographic information system (GIS) technology to the masses. This has contributed to an extensive use of digital maps and location-based services, making GIS an integral part of our everyday lives. Furthermore, GIS is also being increasingly used across various domains including, logistics, telecommunications, engineering, insurance, marketing and other business processes. Wide range of location-based applications that play a key role in business intelligence and analytics increasingly rely on accurate GIS and spatial data and visualization.

Build in-depth location intelligence and power location-based services as we assess, analyze, clean, validate and maintain GIS database for you using proprietary and advanced processes and tools. At Springbord we offer end-to-end GIS data services to support you in managing geodata at every step of the way. From creating specifications to actual production, we specialize in map data development, maintenance and enhancement. We understand that your business requirements are unique and that is why we help create and maintain a robust GIS database built to your specifications. We are your one-stop-shop for every GIS data related service and our offering includes:

Data conversion and migration – We convert source geodata in the format as per your hardware/software, data model requirements. We then migrate it to the target database and align features and attributes as per your specifications to ensure it is accurate and immediately usable.

Geocode mapping and referencing – We help you mark and map boundaries by capturing polygon boundary of buildings, facilities, assets as well as organizational data attributes. We capture, measure, map and model your target terrains or property points of interest to enable you to plan and enhance your business operations.

Geodatabase modeling and data analysis – By evaluating and understanding the relationship between objects and their attributes we help create custom geo models based on ESRI templates. We also analyze LiDar data to enable you to better and accurately interpret topographical data and drive better and informed business decisions.


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