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As legal information provider you need to offer the depth and breadth of legal content that is legitimate and reliable. Acquiring accurate and comprehensive content requires searching and browsing using relevant keywords and sourcing data through various channels. In addition, you need to have a database that is easy to use, navigate, and offers relevant search results. However, all this consumes considerable amount of time and effort, increasing your overall research and database maintenance cost. Springbord data services designed for legal information providers help capture right information and build comprehensive user-friendly resources while optimizing productivity and cost.

We offer a range of data services to meet your varied legal research and database requirements, these include:

Source Identification: Based on keywords recommended by Springbord and approved by you, our experts conduct custom Internet search to identify most appropriate automated or manual data sources and classify them as either free or paid. We also help identify database size, fill rate, and other specifications based on your project requirements.

Data Aggregation: Using a combination of automated and manual data aggregation methods, Springbord provides a number of people information processing services. These include identifying free public sources for information on attorneys, law firms, expert witnesses, and so on. We help validate, cleanse, and enhance partial/missing data, and conduct ongoing data quality checks. Springbord also helps creating deeper, wider content with additional attributes and features to enhance your listings and in turn page ranking. These features include ratings and reviews by clients and peers, grouped searches that allow identifying multiple attorneys with similar expertise and geography, and links to the LinkedIn profiles of legal professionals.

Entity XML Tagging: XML tagging builds relationships between different entities in case documents, resulting in better and more efficient search results. Springbord brings in-depth knowledge of XML tagging, that eliminates the need for you to develop this expertise in-house and in turn optimize cost.

Semantic Tagging: Springbord's expertise in semantic tagging creates effective searches, richer exploration of archives, and fast retrieval of information by displaying products that are similar to what the user is looking for. In addition, semantic tagging uncovers other products that are related to the search.

Contextual Tagging: In-content advertisement Springbord creates tags for advertisements with key words, synonyms, and related information. As with entity XML tagging and semantic tagging, the benefits of contextual tagging are directly related to improved search results and a more satisfying experience for users.

Open Web Strategy: Springbord helps locate relevant data on the web, extract and import into an intermediate extracting system, to be stored for subsequent retrieval from a database. Our team brings years of experience in scraping the web for content that enables us to deliver high-quality data.

New Business Model: Springbord offers quick and quality content creation services, accelerating time-to-market. We help you reduce content creation time per entity from the usual 2 to 3 months to a mere 7 days, increasing sales conversion time and rate.

Taxonomy and Classification: A planned and well-executed taxonomy is critical to the organization, categorization, and subsequent ability to search and locate previously unstructured data. Springbord helps clients organize their data into logical categories and subcategories and then by topic and type that relate specifically to their business, allowing them to connect users to content of interest. We custom build taxonomy to meet your business-specific requirements.


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