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Travel & Hospitality industry is growing and evolving at an unprecedented rate driven by innovative business models, new players and multi-channel customer engagement. To stay ahead in this aggressively competitive marketspace industry players need to deliver real-time and up-to-date information to their customers to retain and gain market share. Online travel aggregators (OTA), accommodation marketplace providers and travel fare meta search engines must deliver accurate information, attractive images, unique content and exact location and property details for the ones listed on their website to gain customer trust and in turn loyalty.

To help industry players achieve this business imperative Springbord offers comprehensive Hospitality Content Management service through custom data acquisition and processing solutions designed to suit your business specific requirements. We bring years of experience in mining online content using technology-enabled custom solutions from structured and unstructured sources. We work with several travel fare aggregators across the globe and are considered as reliable partner for our in-depth expertise and proven track record. Our service portfolio includes:

Hotel Meta Data Acquisition - Choice has emerged to be a critical factor for travelers today which has led to the growing popularity of metasearch.  We acquire, edit and import hotel metadata to enable OTAs build a comprehensive inventory of hotels with extensive and detailed attributes. This makes searching, filtering and tailoring the results as per travelers’ requirements easy and helps travelers’ find the best deal quickly.

Hotel Image Tagging and Collection  - Images are key source of information when choosing a hotel, that is why we help source and tag right images to help your users make better informed decisions. Out team procures, categorizes and tags images so that they are easily recognizable by search engines and in turn searchable.

Price Comparison Services – Price/offers are the deal maker or breaker and quick way to boosting competitiveness is through competitive price intelligence. Drawing upon our expertise along with smart technology and data-mining tools we compare and analyze pricing to offer useful insights into pricing strategy and trends, enabling you to respond proactively to competition and market pricing trends.

Data Migration – Whether you wish to improve performance or scale or upgrade your system, data migration plays a critical role in ensuring successful transition. Using smart and automated solutions we help you seamlessly migrate hotel data from source to target database/system. We also verify and validate data once transferred to ensure there is zero loss of data and its accuracy, completeness and integrity.  

Predictive analysis – Business intelligence can drive better conversions. That is why we analyze search traffic and customer behavior to identify context and pattern and define meaningful segmentation. Data aggregation offers contextual and customer insight enabling you to create more relevant, competitive offerings and deals that better match search queries and drive deeper customer engagement.

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