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Increased complexity of commercial property transactions. A lot of data can and should be included in the Lease abstract. Lease data is critical to the lease administration, management and valuation of commercial real estate portfolio. However, given the increased complexity of commercial property transactions, analysing leases has become an arduous and time-consuming task. Springbord’s lease abstraction service offers an accurate abstract that contains all the information required to efficiently manage a portfolio of properties while optimizing time and effort.

Springbord's team of experts bring high degree of financial acumen and technical competence, simplifying complex lease abstraction process. We collect, standardize, and consolidate hard-to-find and unstructured data and convert them in user-friendly format, making analysis easier, simpler, and faster. Our lease abstraction services include:

  • Lease analysis: Identify risk factors and offer valuable insight into key relationship drivers.
  • Tenant-wide risk exposure assessment: Track exposure levels of tenants across leased property holdings.
  • Geographic exposure assessment: Record, track and compare pros and cons of owning properties in a particular state or country with your current portfolio of owned properties.
  • Lease expiration alerts: Monitor lease arrangements that are due to expire in the same time frame. We calculate the estimated loss of revenue associated with contracts that are not renewed or tenants who are not replaced.
  • Differential rent analysis: Keep track of the varying rent levels which are being paid by occupants living in the same property. We also provide renewal and vacancy statistics.

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