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Whether it’s about running business efficiently, planning a strategy, redefining a business model or upgrading your business processes, accurate and comprehensive data is absolutely indispensable. Similar to any other sector, as real estate makes its way to digitization, property managers and real estate players are increasingly upgrading their property management, accounting and financial modeling systems to streamline process and maximize efficiency and ensure compliance. However, for these investments to deliver desired returns you need efficient data migration and validation to ensure your data is accurate and compliant.

Springbord offers comprehensive lease data validation and migration services. Combining our domain expertise and proprietary tools we focus on migrating and verifying data, enabling seamless transition and data accuracy. We bring years of experience in migrating from multiple lease tracking systems to newer real estate broker systems and validating data. Besides adopting industry-best data migration practices, we are also adept in designing custom migration for in-house systems. Our services include:

Data Migration – Analyze existing systems and processes, convert and migrate end-to-end existing data. We clean, process and enhance data to eliminate corrupt and incomplete information, ensuring comprehensive and accurate database. Experience in handling all the new real estate systems including Yardi, MRI, Nexus Systems, JD Edwards, AvidXchange and Argus and can even work on home-grown applications.

Data Validation- Validate, streamline, store and tag lease documents according to your business requirement to ensure data accuracy and easy accessibility at all times. We help collect and aggregate data needed to comply with the FASB or IFRS accounting rules, the team cross verifies every data with source document to deliver highest degree of quality assurance.

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