Expedite Property Appraisals with Accurate Data

Commercial real estate appraisers face many challenges, especially while assessing properties that are unique and cannot be evaluated against other similar properties. In some cases, appraisals involve extensive research that can take days or even weeks to complete. In today's lean operating environment, appraisers don't always have the time or resources to conduct the research themselves, and that's where Springbord's real estate appraisal services can help. Our experts can help you collect and sort the data required to complete the entire real estate appraisal process including property inspection, research and analysis, and reporting.

Using multiple highly credible online public sources, Springbord conducts in-depth and thorough research to offer authentic appraisal data. Our experience in collecting and collating data from a wide variety of sources helps appraisers produce and maintain valuation files that are accurate and up-to-date. Our key service offerings include:

  • Reliable and useful Multiple Listing Services (MLS) information for counties throughout the United States
  • Retrieval of legitimate property tax data
  • Generation of tax tickets
  • Parcel maps services

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