Reduce Risk with Professional Real Estate Translator

Every language has its own unique characteristics and the way it uses real estate abbreviations and terms. While using free online translation website is easier and cheaper, more often than not they turn up poorly translated documents that can compromise or even hurt your business. Therefore, it is recommended that you use experienced real estate translators to represent your real estate business in a professional way.

Springbord is a leading real estate data services company that offers professional translation services at an affordable cost. We help companies improve and manage quality of lease documents across different languages. We offer translation services for 23 different languages. Our team of experienced translators supports translation projects of varied complexity and size and is adept in translating legal content accurately and efficiently. We use a hybrid model (machine translation and human intelligence) to translate documents and ensure high data accuracy through multiple levels of quality checks. In addition, our service includes:

  • Building source document for easy translation and page split to make it legible
  • Creating translated document that is an exact copy of the original
  • Providing lease language support based on industry terminologies


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