Navigate the Shifting Shipping Landscape with Accurate Real-time Data

Climate change, demand for energy efficiency, evolving regulations, and technological advancements such as sensors and robotics are leading a paradigm shift in the shipping industry. Players are compelled to build data management and analytics capabilities in order to skillfully navigate through these shifts and market demands. Ships and freights now generate huge volume of data from various sources. In order to stay relevant and competitive shipping companies need to build business intelligence by tapping into the rich source of information. This requires gathering and processing data in real time that can facilitate proactive problem solving and smoother operations.

Springbord has been working with shipping companies for years helping them acquire and process data from various sources on a real-time basis. We realize how critical time-sensitive data is in order to forecast and avoid problems and ensure optimized performance. Non-conventional data such as traffic delays, weather, port issues, unexpected repairs, data generated from RFIDs and traffic management system – when processed timely can not only facilitate proactive problem solving but also help identify patterns and root cause, enabling you to optimize your capabilities for future operations. Our real time data acquisition services help you quantify and further improve your decisions based on hunch backed by data gathered from both internal and external sources that offer greater visibility.  We help you:

  • Gather real-time information about current as well historical market trends of ocean freight rates, helping you benchmark and negotiate rates efficiently.
  • Gain timely visibility into M&A, bankruptcies, ports, and other potential new market developments that can have an impact on your operations or profitability.
  • Leverage relevant data in order to identify areas of improvement and ensure proactive problem solving and efficient planning and strategy.

We can help you gain access to relevant data on a real-time basis to power business intelligence, to know how, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist.


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