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Service Description

At Springbord, we understand the complexities and nuances of the real estate industry, particularly the critical role of Lease Accounting in maintaining the health and profitability of your real estate portfolio. Our Lease Accounting services are designed to cater to the diverse needs of the real estate market, offering comprehensive solutions that go beyond mere compliance to add value to your business.

What We Offer

ASC 842/IFRS 16 Compliance
ASC 842/IFRS 16 Compliance

Ensure adherence to lease accounting standards by accurately identifying and categorizing leases according to ASC 842 in the U.S. and IFRS 16 globally. Implement processes to meticulously capture lease data and determine the appropriate discount rates for lease calculations, ensuring compliance with financial reporting requirements.

Lease Review, Classification, and Data Management
Lease Review, Classification, and Data Management

Systematically collect and manage lease data, including detailed lease agreements, terms, and pertinent financial information. Maintain a centralized lease database to ensure accurate and timely reporting, facilitating compliance and effective decision-making.

Advanced Reporting and Insights
Advanced Reporting and Insights

Utilize our advanced reporting capabilities to gain insights into your lease portfolio's performance, helping you make informed decisions to optimize your real estate investments.

Springbord is your trusted partner in real estate bookkeeping. Our services go beyond mere record-keeping; they are dedicated to furnishing you with precise, actionable insights that propel your real estate business toward greater success.

Navigating Lease Accounting Challenges with Tailored Solutions

Springbord's custom solutions are crafted to effortlessly navigate the complexities of lease accounting, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Common Lease Accounting Challenges

Complex Compliance Requirements:

Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of lease accounting standards can be daunting.

Lease Management Overload:

Efficiently managing a large portfolio of leases, tracking payments, and ensuring accurate financial reporting.

Strategic Decision Support:

Utilizing lease accounting data to make strategic decisions about lease renewals, terminations, and portfolio optimization.

Springbord’s Solutions:

Tailored Compliance Strategies:

Our experts simplify compliance, ensuring your lease accounting meets current standards with proactive updates and audits.

Streamlined Lease Management:

Leveraging technology and expertise, we streamline lease management processes, reducing errors and saving time.

Data-Driven Insights:

Our services go beyond accounting to provide strategic insights that support decision-making, portfolio analysis, and future planning.

Accounting Software Portfolio

Sage Accounting Software
MRI Real Estate Software
Yardi property management software
AppFolio Property Management Software

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Springbord for your Lease Accounting needs means partnering with a leader in real estate financial services. Our dedication to innovation, accuracy, and client success sets us apart.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Springbord specializes in reviewing leases, classifying lease data, and capturing it accurately for real estate companies, aiding them in meeting the ASC 842 requirements.

By meticulously reviewing, classifying, and capturing lease data, Springbord ensures that real estate companies have the foundational data required for compliance with ASC 842, which is critical for their lease accounting processes.

Springbord's key strength lies in its detailed approach to lease review and data management, providing the precise and compliant data capture necessary for real estate companies to fulfill their ASC 842 obligations.

Yes, Springbord is equipped to manage the complexities of large real estate portfolios, ensuring all lease data is accurately reviewed, classified, and captured, regardless of the portfolio size.

While Springbord excels in data capture, clients remain responsible for other core tasks in lease accounting, such as the application of the captured data within their financial systems and ensuring ongoing compliance with ASC 842 beyond initial data capture.

Springbord employs a team of experts with extensive experience in lease accounting, utilizing proven methodologies and up-to-date knowledge of ASC 842 requirements to ensure the data captured is both accurate and compliant, setting a solid foundation for clients' lease accounting efforts.