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Accurate profiling can spell the difference between the success and failure of any effort to reach a particular audience and data is the backbone when it comes to doing it right. Springbord’s ‘Niche Databases’ is designed keeping in mind the requirements of futuristic markets where specific functional expertise are in demand – for the purpose of networking, partnering, investing, research, hiring, lead generation, etc.

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4D Printing

4DP shape shifting smart materials paves way for remarkable transformation in design and manufacturing space.

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3D Printing

Everything you need to know about 3-D Printing Materials industry experts in one database – from manufacturers to professionals, investors, and more.

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A distributed real-time database of records linked and secured through cryptography, will radically transform the future of work in every imaginable industry.

Augumented reality healthcare Springbord
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AR in Healthcare

Augmented Reality (AR) is making rapid inroads into the field of medicine – revolutionizing healthcare by providing real-time data and assistance during complicated surgical procedures, and supporting aftercare and administration.


Crypto currencies are becoming the new digital gold standard as their technological advancement and popularity soars across the world.  

What We Offer

Costs as low as US$ 0.79

At Springbord, we work towards exploring and monitoring niche industries, hand-crafting each profile in our database with complete attention to detail, based on the role, area of expertise, interests, years of experience and achievements of the individual we analyze. This is the first step towards creating the ideal niche database. Next, we ensure we provide you with as many ways to contact this person, from email addresses to social media profiles.

It is true that niche markets can be scattered in terms of resource availability and less regulated with regards to data. Springbord can help you get access to:

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High value niche database

Capture comprehensive demographics and contact details of companies and individuals in specific industries that are in embryonic stages/serve a niche segment/where finding information is still a challenge

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Influencers to collaborate with

Find influencers/key individuals in niche markets with whom you can share knowledge, best practices, and ideas to further your business objectives

Individual Profiling

Need in-depth information on a particular contact? We help you:

  • Drill further into the niche database to conduct individual profiling for a particular company/individual and present the results as a comprehensive report.
  • Leverage social listening, dynamic profiling, and behavior analytics to build a holistic target persona that helps you with knowledge of their social media presence and interactions, areas of expertise, interests, achievements, etc.

Benefits of Niche Database

Identify blue oceans of untapped, niche market spaces where investing your time, money, and resources now could yield a significantly high ROI in just few years time.

  • Connect with the right target audience, nurture qualified leads, forge profitable collaborations with brands and business partners, hire experts, and drive focused research and marketing initiatives.
  • Faster turnaround in terms of new market penetration and early ROI.

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