The 3D Printing (3DP) industry has literally taken flight in the past five years – regarded as one of the fastest growing manufacturing technologies today. In fact, the 3D Printing materials market is projected to touch USD 1,409.5 Million by 2021, with new and innovative printers being developed rapidly to print a wide variety of materials ranging from plastics, metals, composites, and concrete, to organic materials, paper, and food.

Unsurprisingly, a 3D Printing materials niche database like ours comprising comprehensive information of over 750 industry investors, 3D Printing advisors, materials providers and manufacturers, skilled professionals, 3DP specialist and more is hot property currently.

What you get from our 3D Printing database?

Access to comprehensive demographics, contact details, social profiles, and other relevant information of companies and individuals in the 3D Printing materials industry.

Access to 3D Printing material experts and influencers in this niche market with whom you can collaborate to share knowledge, best practices, and ideas to propel your business objectives forward.

How does your business benefit from this database?

Quick access to reliable information as and when you need it can help your organization:

  • Identify the top performing 3D Printing materials for industry-specific use cases
  • Accelerate product development and time to market by saving on logistic and prototyping costs and time
  • Improve production flexibility by reducing tooling investment and optimizing assembly and spare parts’ management
  • Develop customized products by enabling co-creation with customers
  • Accelerate research and development initiatives by quickly validating proof of concepts
  • Fuel innovation by exploring unlimited possibilities and capabilities of advanced D printing materials and use that knowledge as a key competitive advantage in the market
  • Improve ROI by streamlining production and design processes

What is driving the growth of the 3D Printing materials industry?

While additive manufacturing is not new – it has been around for almost 30 years, the recent interest in the field of 3D Printing materials is thanks to:

  • Growing popularity and acceptance of 3D Printing technology for wide-ranging applications - from prototyping, product designing, and concept modelling to product manufacturing and development of advanced and unconventional materials
  • Decrease in the price of 3D Printers, owing to stiff competition and reduced barriers to hardware innovation
  • Increasing demand from end-use industries, such as consumer goods, transportation, and medical – especially the growing use of bio-inks, gels, and composite materials in the medical industry

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