Augmented Reality

The Next Frontier of Innovation in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is expected to be one of the top verticals benefiting from practical applications of Augmented Reality (AR) that can usher transformative results – spanning healthcare diagnosis to administration, rehabilitation, training and education, and improving pharmaceutical efficiencies.

Some of the key use cases of AR in healthcare include:

  • Improves healthcare education by giving surgeons a more realistic training experience thereby reducing failure rate, improving performance accuracy, and accelerating learning.
  • Assists surgeons in OR in real time by creating accurate 3D reconstructions of internal organs/tumors.
  • Helps nurses find veins easily through handheld scanners that project the over skin.
  • Helps patients cope with treatment-related anxieties by leveraging immersion therapy to walk them through future surgical procedures.
  • Improves fitness management through Augmented Reality apps designed to motivate people to adopt healthy lifestyle practices.
  • Companies are making groundbreaking AR solutions in healthcare and we understand, to fully exploit the potential of Augmented Reality, you need to collaborate with various healthcare professionals, AR healthcare influencers and AR experts in healthcare. Our niche database offers comprehensive contact information about industry experts, influencers and professionals that can help you collaborate and drive better productivity and care outcomes.

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