Cryptocurrency – The Rise of Digital Money

Cryptocurrency and its applications have witnessed a sharp spike in interest and popularity in recent years. Backed by cryptography i.e. the process of converting legible information into an encrypted code, Cryptocurrency, also known as the digital or virtual currency is the new and secure way to track purchases and money transfers. While Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency that originated back in 2009 is arguably the most used today, many others such as ICOs, Ether, and Exchanges have joined the ranks.

Comprising BitcoinBlockchainInitial Coin Offerings (ICOs)Ether, and Exchanges, the powerful applications of crypto currencies extend across industries – from healthcare, to insurance, financial services, media, etc.

Cryptocurrency Niche Database

Succeeding in a niche industry like cryptocurrency is far from easy as getting the right contacts is often the biggest hurdle. Our niche Cryptocurrency database helps businesses:

  • Connect with more than 250 cryptocurrency industry personnel ranging from technology experts to consultants, analysts, investors, marketers, etc. to forge profitable partnerships
  • Access contact details, demographic data, social media profiles, influencer score, and more information to drill down on target audience profiles more meaningfully.
  • Accelerate applications of Cryptocurrency in their specific context by connecting with the right experts

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