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The ecommerce revolution has led to a data deluge bringing its own set of opportunities and challenges. In an intensely competitive market, access to and effective use of data analytics can spell the difference between success and failure. While companies today, whether B2B or B2C, have unrestricted access to a wealth of data, they still continue to struggle to tap into the value of their investment in data. Unfortunately, this is simply because they are unable to process and analyze information effectively. Although, number of predictive analytics platforms are readily available, their price points make them not-so-budget-friendly, as it can drive up the cost further. Moreover, the complexity involved in analyzing data from multiple sources and technologies requires human intervention and expertise, further restricting businesses ability to use data to their advantage.

What Springbord can do for you

We believe that predictive analytics is the sure-fire way to engage customers and drive sales. That is why we offer industry-specific predictive analytics solutions that help you get access to actionable insights across the value chain. Combining complex statistical models, data mining techniques and sophisticated machine learning tools, we run advanced and predictive analytics to recognize patterns and predict outcomes. This allows you to gain visibility into your business areas, understand customer behavior and how your page is being ranked and get recommendation that enable you to make informed, proactive and profitable business decisions.

We customize our approach based on the clients’ industry and business-specific requirements. We are currently working with players from the travel industry helping them to analyze and improve online travel agent (OTA) content score and boost bottom line.

Using our in-house algorithm model, specifically designed to evaluate content score, we assess various attributes of the properties listed on your website. We then use machine learning techniques, in other words artificial intelligence, to forecast your bookings based on improved content score. In addition, we do a competitive analysis and view and improve your market position. Springbord also helps improve various attributes through a range of services including – unique description writing, hotel amenities listing service and property image collecting, tagging and editing services.

Why partner with Springbord

Our years of data management experience coupled with a solid team of data scientists and access to advanced and feature rich tools and techniques position us as a trusted partner. We offer focused, accurate and actionable business intelligence to enterprises across any sector in a cost-effective way. By partnering with us you can:

  • Optimize your website for search engines, improve page ranking and boost web traffic
  • Gain better visibility into data, tap into newer opportunities and eliminate operational and business risk
  • Connect and engage with your target audience to drive business growth
  • Realize the potential of data and use it to gain competitive advantage

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