Optimize Commercial Real Estate Leasehold Expense

Cost cutting is the order of the day for businesses today. As any amount of savings can help you keep the business afloat, improve bottom line or even tap into new market opportunities. Being a leader, you are required to run a tight ship and look for ways to reduce administrative costs. And since real estate and facility costs are one of the largest and recurring expense, many companies are turning to commercial lease audits to weed out hidden expenses and contain costs.

Springbord offers lease audit services to assess your commercial leases, billing methodologies and leasehold expenses to ensure you are billed accurately and as per your lease terms. Our team of experts bring high degree of financial acumen and technical competence that uniquely positions us to identify any financial miscalculations and recover overpayments. Our lease audit services include:

  • Validating lease documents to identify any discrepancies and computational errors
  • Analysing and discovering billing errors and recoup overpayments
  • Notifying the landlord about overpayments
  • Following up and coordinating with landlord/s to obtain any additional documents or clarification wherever required
  • Facilitating potential savings by identifying any discrepancy in the PRS, administration fees or controllable and non-controllable expenses (CAP calculations)
  • Eliminating any future overbilling dispute thus presenting savings opportunities

Find out how we can help you save substantial amount by avoiding overpayment towards leasehold expense. Talk to us today!


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