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Comprehensive Catalog to Boost Business Growth

leading global information service provider

A UAE based leading online retailer successfully creates a comprehensive catalog to boost business growth

The Challenge: Updating product information

The client, a leading ecommerce retailer was looking to further enhance consumer experience by creating an exhaustive catalog. To achieve this objective, they were looking to create a catalog comprising 1200 products every week. They wanted to source product information comprising various attributes including images from different channels and embed unique but keyword optimized product description. Furthermore, the client wanted the information to be populated and presented in a prescribed CSV template.

To meet this requirement, the client chose to partner with Springbord, based on its proven data management expertise.

The Solution: Creating a comprehensive catalog

Springbord worked closely with the client to understand business requirements and deliver the project as per clients specifications. After collecting input from the client, two teams with specialized skills were assigned to this project. One of the teams helped source the right product attributes including specifications, features and highlights from PDFs, brand websites and other third-party sources to capture accurate and comprehensive product details. After compiling product information, the file is then delivered in CSV template. In addition to this, a team of editors worked on creating unique product descriptions by organically embedding SEO keywords.

We also established a maker-checker system for quality assurance to ensure that product attributes and description are accurate and as per clients business-specific requirements.

Results: Driving more website traffic through superior catalog management

Springbord data management services enables the client to successfully create and maintain extensive product portfolio across various segments. We also helped the client:

  • Build and manage well-organized and information-rich product catalog
  • Optimize content for search engine that drives more traffic, while engaging and detailed product description influence customers purchase decision
  • Deliver enhanced product attributes with relevant and attractive images for the products
  • Update detailed and accurate information for wide ranging products based on clients requirements
  • Easily ramp-up and ramp-down based on peak and lean seasons and clients scalability requirements

About Springbord:

Springbord is a leading global information service provider that develops custom data acquisition and processing solutions for a broad spectrum of industries. Springbord is a part of the Enerji group that offers services in the realms of data, content and design space. Our focus is to deliver business results by employing a wide range of leading Internet-based capabilities and other resources to provide efficient, relevant, and cost-effective business process outsourcing services. Our hybrid solution (human intelligence + automation) is known for the best data management solution. We have been quite successful in understanding the information needs of our clients and notably in aggregating and enriching databases. Our services have reduced costs, increased productivity, and facilitated business growth for several organizations around the globe.

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