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Ensuring Effective and Accurate Lead Generation

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A multinational commercial real estate advisory company ensures effective and accurate lead generation

The Challenge: Collecting Accurate Contact Information

To ensure continued success and sustainable growth and profitability, a multinational commercial real estate advisory firm was looking to generate prospective leads from an exhaustive list of top retail companies. The aim was to capture store locations, and its contact information in a consistent and accurate manner by using multiple sources.

To meet this business objective, the client decided to partner with Springbord based on its proven data management expertise.

The Solution: Building an effective lead generation process

Springbord worked closely with the client to deliver the project as per clients requirements and objectives. The team helped collect retail companies store and contact information across multiple sources including SEC filings, LinkedIn, company websites and several other third-party sources.

We helped set up a process to collect detailed store information such as headquarters, branches, store count, contact person name, phone, company website, email, etc. The process also entails verifying and updating the database quarterly to ensure the clients pipeline is full with prospective and potential leads. Adopting a methodical approach, we ensure that contact details entered in clients database are valid and accurate.

Results: Generating high-quality leads for new opportunities

Springbord lead generation services helped the client accurately collect detailed contact information of retail companies within a short span of time. We enabled the client to update their database with latest and valid contact information that helped power their marketing strategies.

Some of the key benefits that the client derived includes:

  • An exhaustive list of highly qualified lead
  • Highly level of accuracy in all the contact information as 100% Quality Check was done to ensure delivery excellence
  • Optimized resource utilization and significant cost advantage as we allocated a committed team with the right skills to ensure high productivity and quick turnaround

About Springbord:

Springbord is a leading global information service provider that develops custom data acquisition and processing solutions for a broad spectrum of industries. Springbord is a part of the Enerji group that offers services in the realms of data, content and design space. Our focus is to deliver business results by employing a wide range of leading internet-based capabilities and other resources to provide efficient, relevant, and cost-effective business process outsourcing services. Our hybrid solution (human intelligence + automation) is known for the best data management solution. We have been quite successful in understanding the information needs of our clients and notably in aggregating and enriching databases. Our services have reduced costs, increased productivity, and facilitated business growth for several organizations around the globe.

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