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Aggregating Complex Database of Indian Private Companies

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A UK based global data aggregator successfully creates a comprehensive database of Indian private companies

The Challenge: Aggregating complex and large set of data and updating it on a YOY basis

A client wanted to build a comprehensive database of Indian private companies. They were looking to validate and extract financial information of the Indian private companies from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) database. However, the volume of data to be gathered was staggering and it needed to be aggregated as per the clients set rules and criteria. They wanted the information to be populated and presented in a prescribed template and updated year-on-year basis for purposes such as analysis and reporting.

To meet this requirement, the client was looking for a partner who could help effectively aggregate and validate data, while optimizing time, cost and effort. They chose to partner with Springbord based on its proven data management expertise.

The Solution: Ensuring accurate and reliable data aggregation

Springbord worked closely with the client to deliver the project as per clients requirements and objectives. After collecting input from the client, the team kick-started the project by checking and segregating the listed and unlisted companies provided in the input.

We then used the Governments website to download annual reports of the unlisted companies. Using the companies financials, the team then evaluated whether the companies are eligible for production or not. The team analyzed the data points and helped populate the information as per set rules and templates, while maintaining consistency and accuracy of data. This helped efficiently capture comprehensive financial information of the private companies.

Results: Powering superior database performance

Springbord data management services helped the client aggregate a large portfolio of companies annual reports quickly and accurately. Some of the key highlights were:

  • Delivered high level of accuracy as 100% quality check was done for the aggregated data to ensure delivery excellence
  • Created a comprehensive database of financial information of 10,000 public and private Indian companies
  • Tracked and captured regular updates for the target set of companies and made the required changes to keep it up-to-date

About Springbord:

Springbord is a leading global information service provider that develops custom data acquisition and processing solutions for a broad spectrum of industries. Springbord is a part of the Enerji group that offers services in the realms of data, content and design space. Our focus is to deliver business results by employing a wide range of leading Internet-based capabilities and other resources to provide efficient, relevant, and cost-effective business process outsourcing services. Our hybrid solution (human intelligence + automation) is known for the best data management solution. We have been quite successful in understanding the information needs of our clients and notably in aggregating and enriching databases. Our services have reduced costs, increased productivity, and facilitated business growth for several organizations around the globe.

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