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As property managers/owners you are required to prepare common area maintenance (CAM) reconciliation statements in order to recover charges for maintenance costs under a lease. However, CAM reconciliations can be complex, cumbersome and time-consuming process, leading to accounting errors and possibly you leaving money on the table.

We help you reduce overhead and turnaround time, increase efficiency and in turn boost profitability.

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What Springbord Can Do for You

Excellent real estate management is an important part of great investment, and something that every real estate investor should consider. We offer comprehensive property management services to help you streamline process, enhance portfolio management and build better tenant relationship. Our team of experts focus on consistently working to improve the quality of service by paying close attention to details and delivering best-in-class service as per clients’ business-specific requirements.

Improve Portfolio Management and Revenue Opportunities


In commercial real estate, lease administration has emerged to be a key strategic function to ensure portfolio optimization, cost containment and risk mitigation. However, most companies lack data management skill and infrastructure and expertise in lease administration, which restrict their ability to manage this function effectively. Inadequate focus on lease administration can result in underutilized assets and missed opportunities to optimize cost and streamline operations. It can also make it increasingly challenging to stay compliant with regulatory standards such as FASB and IASB lease accounting standards.

Springbord offers comprehensive lease administration services to support property managers, commercial real estate owners, retail managers and real estate investment trust (REIT) to optimize portfolio management while remaining compliant. Whether it is commercial, residential, office space, retail, tower or ATM, we have been closely working with some of the leading real estate players helping them contain cost and drive strategic planning. Our lease administration services include:

  • Lease Abstraction:
    Collect, standardize, and consolidate unstructured data and convert in user-friendly format to make analysis easier, simpler, and faster
  • Due Diligence:
    Extract critical details including deed of trust, promissory note, identify inefficiencies and improve revenue opportunities
  • Lease Data Migration:
    Convert, migrate, audit and integrate lease data with all the major accounting and financial and property management systems
  • CAM Reconciliation:
    Accurately allocate recoverable expenses across tenants, maximizing receivables and in turn profitability
  • Lease Audit Services:
    Ensure billing is accurate and as per lease terms, identify any financial miscalculations and recover overpayments
  • Multilingual Leases:
    Abstracting multilingual leases require specialized skill. Our team is adept in abstracting multilingual leases, using advanced solutions by extracting and managing critical lease data while ensuring accurate and exact interpretation.

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Why Partner with Springbord

Springbord offers end-to-end real estate data aggregation service that allows you to build and manage complex and expansive real estate database, helping you drive profitable business outcomes. In addition, our relentless focus on data quality, accuracy, and integrity helps us ensure delivery excellence.

  • Helping you achieve optimal asset and portfolio management
  • An array of property management services for apartments, office buildings and retail properties
  • Eliminate related risk of property management

To learn more about how we can help you reduce overhead and turn around times and ultimately generate more profit, Talk to us today!

Why partner with Springbord

Springbord offers customized solutions based on your unique business requirements. We are neither a software provider nor an information vendor. Springbord is a technology-enabled data aggregator that leverages people, processes, and technology to aggregate information, ensuring comprehensive data quality, accuracy and integrity. Our services help you

  • Improve data management, analysis and presentation
  • Simplify interpretation and maximize insights
  • Optimize value from your existing data