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Enhance the time spent by customers on your brand page with Springbord’s advanced image editing expertise


What Springbord can do for you

Our graphic design experts can make your images visually appealing by making light corrections, color corrections, 3D enhancement and resolution enhancement. By doing so, your images can get you better Returns on Investment by capturing attention of prospective customers and converting more visitors. We can also enhance images through innovative 360 degree rotating images and GIFs with feature focus attributes highlighted both visually and functionally.

Image Enhancement

Enhance images for best impact

An A+ image is one that creates the next impact - that is, that results in the intended call to action to be executed the way the brand has envisioned it. That’s exactly what our Image editors do - they make your images talk to your customers, urging them to buy your product by establishing greater credibility and trust. With enhanced images, your customers see your product in the best light, with the best features highlighted in a convincing manner.

Image Standardization

Edit images to comply with Amazon standard guidelines

Amazon has stringent standards for how product images on its website should be. These guidelines are aimed at improving customer buying experience and include instructions like white background, lifestyle images, infographics, high pixel resolution, etc. Our image editors do this for our client's day in and day out, and are adept at converting any kind of image into an Amazon-standard.