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Our firm has partnered with the Springbord team for several years now and they have always been great to work with for our lease abstraction and data validation requests. The team is always responsive to our needs, flexible with ad hoc requests and very timely in delivering work on or ahead of schedule. Based on their responsiveness and professionalism, we look forward to strengthening our relationship and exploring opportunities to take advantage of additional service offerings.

- Client Service Manager, a top CRE firm

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Real Estate Services

Building Agility to Drive Growth

Evolving technologies, digital applications, new entrants, and changing customer expectations have significantly disrupted the commercial real estate sector. And as these trends continue to evolve, they are further shifting and redefining business models. As a result, commercial real estate is at a crossroads today. The focus is on both cost containment and value creation through technology-enabled business models and diversified revenue sources.

In addition to this, businesses are under immense pressure to optimize operational efficiency, maintain transparency, ensure compliance with stringent regulations, and manage increased financial risks. Navigating through these challenging and turbulent times demands increased operational agility, responsiveness, and the capability to harness data to drive business value and maximize returns.

Helping you Maximize Performance and Value

We, at Springbord, can help you transform your operations and maximize business value through optimized productivity and efficiency. We enable you to harness and monetize data, build new capabilities, and drive business growth.

Who we serve

Commercial Property Management Firms

Commercial Property
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Real Estate Investment Trusts

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Real Estate Back Office Services

Springbord understands industry dynamics and realizes that back-office operations play a critical role in running a business efficiently and driving growth. We offer the best-in-class real estate back-office services to support you in efficiently managing your property portfolio and optimizing your performance. Our extensive range of services can be bundled and packaged to meet your business-specific administrative and back-office requirements.

We are a one-stop business process service provider adept at handling every real estate back-office process. Using the combination of our extensive industry experience, data management expertise, technology-enabled solutions, and customer-centric approach, we are able to ensure delivery excellence and guarantee optimized productivity, efficiency, and quality assurance.

Springbord’s Real Estate Back-office Services Portfolio

Springbord understands the industry dynamics and helps you overcome these challenges by offering proven, high-quality administrative as well as lease abstraction services. Combining our data management expertise, years of experience and technology-enabled solutions, we offer customized services to meet your business-specific data management requirements.

Lease Administration

Improve Portfolio Management and Revenue Opportunities

In commercial real estate, lease administration has emerged to be a key strategic function to ensure portfolio optimization, cost containment and risk mitigation. However, most companies lack data management skill, infrastructure and expertise in lease administration, which restrict their ability to manage this function effectively. Inadequate focus on lease administration can result in underutilized assets and missed opportunities to optimize cost and streamline operations. It can also make it increasingly challenging to stay compliant with regulatory standards such as FASB and IASB lease accounting standards.

Springbord offers comprehensive lease administration services to support property managers, commercial real estate owners, retail managers and real estate investment trust (REIT). We help optimize portfolio management while remaining compliant. Whether it is commercial, residential, office space, retail, tower or ATM, we have been closely working with some of the leading real estate players helping them contain cost and drive strategic planning. Our lease administration services include:

Lease Abstraction:
Collect, standardize, and consolidate unstructured data and convert in user-friendly format to make analysis easier, simpler, and faster.

Due Diligence:
Extract critical details including deed of trust, promissory note, identify inefficiencies and improve revenue opportunities.

Lease Data Migration:
Convert, migrate, audit and integrate lease data with all the major accounting and financial and property management systems.

CAM Reconciliation:
Accurately allocate recoverable expenses across tenants, maximizing receivables and in turn profitability.

Lease Audit Services:
Ensure billing is accurate and as per lease terms, identify any financial miscalculations and recover overpayments.

Multilingual Leases:
Abstracting multilingual leases require specialized skill. Our team is adept in abstracting multilingual leases using advanced solutions by extracting and managing critical lease data while ensuring accurate and exact interpretation.

To learn more about our portfolio of services or individual offerings please get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist.

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Lease Accounting

The Uphill Task of Complying with New Lease Accounting Standards

With Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) amending the lease accounting guidance, lessees across all industries need to account for operating leases on their balance sheet. This mandate has compelled organizations to reevaluate and revisit their lease management processes. While companies are increasingly focusing on abstracting key lease data and integrating it with lease accounting applications, managing high-volume, diverse and complex lease portfolios is a herculean task. Siloed processes, lack of relevant technology solutions and know-how to manage lease abstraction and the need for creating data migration strategies pose significant ongoing lease management challenges. The issue is further compounded by limited understanding of the regulation as well as the lease accounting platform.

Talk to us to find out how services can help you off-load the overwhelming burden of lease accounting data management activities, overcome pressing issues and optimize lease accounting efficiency while ensuring timely regulatory compliance.

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Property Accounting

Ensure Compliance, Boost Cash Flow with Accurate Accounting

From managing accounts payable and receivables to preparing accurate and timely reports, property accounting can throw several challenges at every phase of the cycle. Dealing with books while ensuring compliance, profitability and data security require specialized skills. That is why property managers and real estate organizations are increasingly partnering with experts who can efficiently manage property accounting on their behalf.

Springbord’s Property Accounting Services help real estate players mitigate risks, identify unrealized profit, streamline reporting and ensure compliance with regulatory standards at all times. Our team of accountants are adept in property accounting and bring years of experience in finance and accounting. Combining our expertise and industry best practices we ensure delivery excellence. By partnering with us you can minimize administration expenses and focus on primary and strategic business initiatives, while ensuring efficient management of accounting data. Our property accounting services include:

Accounts Payable:
Help streamline payable cycle efficiency and ensure timely reconciliation to eliminate any possibilities of paying interest or late fines.

Accounts Receivable:
Process, analyze and manage receivables to help you minimize operating cost, reduce delinquency and boost recoveries and cash flow.

Prepare financial reports at predefined intervals to provide complete visibility into books as well as maintain transparent paper trail for compliance and audit.

To know how we can help streamline your accounting process and boost bottom-line, get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist.

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Lease Abstraction

Optimize Real Estate Portfolio Management


Real estate companies need quick access to abstractions of relevant data from their leases in order to ensure that they do not miss any financial obligations or relevant deadlines. Lease abstraction also helps realtors keep up to date on payment histories, renewals, and terminations. However, lease abstraction is often a very time-consuming process, and it therefore helps to have a lease abstraction company on your side to extract the valuable data you need from contracts and other paperwork so that you do not have to.

Springbord lease abstraction can shoulder the load instead, helping you focus on growing your business. We can do this by assigning a dedicated team of lease analysts who are concise, accurate, and punctual. As soon as you need a specific set of information, our analysts will have it ready for you. Here is a little more information on Springbord’s lease abstraction service.

English Lease Abstraction

Companies looking for English language lease abstraction, Springbord can certainly help. Our experts can provide you with customized summaries for all financial, business, and legal provisions found in most leases, and we can send you reports in any format you desire. These lease abstracts can be easily incorporated into your company’s financial system or similar such applications.

The reports will include whatever information you specifically desire, though you can hope to expect the following and much more.

  • Critical dates
  • Operating expenses
  • Options and rights
  • Square footages
  • Security deposits
  • Rent projections
  • Income projections
  • Items of concern
  • Prohibitive and exclusive usages

Our English lease abstraction services are also notable for the following features.

  • Precise data
  • Thorough analysis, including any addendums or amendments
  • Abstraction of pertinent basic details and other information as well as financial figures

Click here to find out how we helped a Multinational Real Estate Company.

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Multi-lingual Lease Abstraction

Reduce Risk with Professional Real Estate Translator

Every language has its own unique characteristics and the way it uses real estate abbreviations and terms. While using free online translation website is easier and cheaper, more often than not they turn up poorly translated documents that can compromise or even hurt your business. Therefore, it is recommended that you use experienced real estate translators to represent your real estate business in a professional way.

Springbord is a leading real estate data services company that offers professional translation services at an affordable cost. We help companies improve and manage quality of lease documents across different languages. We offer translation services for 23 different languages. Our team of experienced translators supports translation projects of varied complexity and size and is adept in translating legal content accurately and efficiently. We use a hybrid model (machine translation and human intelligence) to translate documents and ensure high data accuracy through multiple levels of quality checks. In addition, our service includes:

  • Building source document for easy translation and page split to make it legible
  • Creating translated document that is an exact copy of the original
  • Providing lease language support based on industry terminologies

Get accurate and high-quality real estate translation without spending a fortune. Connect with Springbord today!

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CAM Audit

Ensure Accurate and Fair CAM Charges

Common Area Maintenance (CAM) charges can significantly bump up tenants’ cost and if not monitored correctly can even expose landlords to challenges and disputes. While CAM costs are subjected to annual increments, sometimes sources such as property or construction taxes, landscaping, insurance, parking or utilities can lead to overcharges.

Springbord’s CAM Audit Services help ensure that CAM charges are accurate and in accordance to the lease contract. Our experts audit billing adjustments, costs levied, lease arrangements in terms of administration, facility portfolio and language to ensure fair pricing and that CAM charges are applied accurately. Our services include:

CAM Audit for Landlord:
CAM audit helps you include only accurate and appropriate costs, enabling you to optimize returns through proper, legitimate and timely cost-sharing, while safeguarding yourself against tenant disputes if any.

CAM Audit for Tenant:
Using best practices, we help you evaluate and ensure your CAM charges are fair and as per the contractual agreement. Our experts assess invoices and compare them with the lease to ensure charges are accurate, eliminating any possibility of duplication or accounting error that can lead to overcharges.

To find out how we can help collect accurate CAM charges, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist.

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CAM Reconciliation

Are you leaving money on the table?

As a property owner/ manager you understand the criticality of common area maintenance (CAM) reconciliation and the impact it has on the valuation of a property and profitability. But commercial real estate CAM reconciliation is a herculean task that is complex and tricky. And if not done diligently, even a minor error can lead to significant financial losses.

To learn more about how Springbord can support you in reconciling CAM and optimizing profits, click here!

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Due Diligence Services

Make Informed and Profitable Decision with Property Due Diligence

Thorough property due diligence can help optimize operating cost as well as prioritize capital expenditure. Whether you wish to capitalize on opportunities, pursue new investments or lower your risk and improve transparency within real estate transactions, access to accurate and in-depth information is vital to making profitable decisions. But due diligence is a complex, comprehensive, and critical function that demands multidisciplinary talent and expertise.

The professionals at Springbord conduct due diligence aligned with your business requirements across financial and legal areas. We support you in rigorously inspecting the property and gather as much information needed to ensure you make informed decision. Our services empower you to identify risks, streamline asset performance, drive profitable operations and boost revenue opportunities. Springbord’s property due diligence services include:

Buyer’s Due Diligence:
Assess seller’s package containing information about property including claims, titles, leases, property management and environmental status. Our team reviews the information for accuracy and consistency to limit and eliminate any post-transaction surprises or risks.

Qualitative Reasoning:
Review assumptions and parameters to test reasonableness against information gathered from the market. This comparative approach to estimate the cost of the property helps assess whether or not depreciation is considered and real estate valuation is accurate and as per market condition.

Make informed and profitable buying or leasing decisions with the help of our services, to know more please get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist.

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Lease Data Migration & Validation

Drive Seamless, Accurate and Compliant Lease Data Transition

Whether it’s about running business efficiently, planning a strategy, redefining a business model or upgrading your business processes, accurate and comprehensive data is absolutely indispensable. Similar to any other sector, as real estate makes its way to digitization, property managers and industry players are increasingly upgrading their property management, accounting and financial modeling systems to streamline process and maximize efficiency and ensure compliance. However, for these investments to deliver desired returns you need efficient data migration and validation to ensure your data is accurate and compliant.

Springbord offers comprehensive lease data validation and migration services. Combining our domain expertise and proprietary tools, we focus on migrating and verifying data, enabling seamless transition and data accuracy. We bring years of experience in migrating from multiple lease tracking systems to newer real estate broker systems and validating data. Besides adopting industry-best data migration practices, we are also adept in designing custom migration for in-house systems. Our services include:

Data Migration:
Analyze existing systems and processes, convert and migrate end-to-end existing data. We clean, process and enhance data to eliminate corrupt and incomplete information, ensuring comprehensive and accurate database. Experience in handling all the new real estate systems including Yardi, MRI, Nexus Systems, JD Edwards, AvidXchange and Argus and can even work on home-grown applications.

Data Validation:
Validate, streamline, store and tag lease documents according to your business requirement to ensure data accuracy and easy accessibility at all times. We help collect and aggregate data needed to comply with the FASB or IFRS accounting rules, the team cross verifies every data with source document to deliver highest degree of quality assurance.

To learn more about our data migration services, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist.

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Budgeting Services

Prepare a Structured Budget for Smoother Operations and Profitability

Budgeting for the property year-on-year basis is a standard process followed by commercial lease or retail property managers. This helps track income and expenditure within the property and plan for the coming year. Budgeting also helps identify any change in trend within the market that may have an impact on the property and account for it accordingly. While a good budget can really help streamline property performance and operations, it can be time consuming and an arduous process especially if the size of property portfolio is huge and landlords’ requirements complex.

Out team of professionals at Springbord helps with an effective budgeting that provides a wealth of information and insight into trends and shifts in business as well as industry, enabling you to drive superior operations. We prepare budgets aligned with your financial strategies and objectives related to lease, administration, renovations, improvements, and maintenance projects. We have a proven record of meeting expectations, goals and forecasts. Here’s what we consider while structuring property budget:

  • Assess and estimate every lease within the tenancy mix and income for the property over the next financial year.
  • Thoroughly review expenditure by evaluating financial history of the property over the last few years to get an insight into financial outcomes and expense escalations and factors driving those results.
  • Gather useful information related to prevailing property market from valid sources to account for current market rental as well as change over the next year.
  • Analyze tenancy mix and rental lease to better understand property performance and identify and account for seasonal changes subject to rental escalations and include assumptions as per lease occupancy.
  • Also evaluate and make provisions for landlord expenses to be incurred for vacant premises including leasing commissions, legal costs, capital works and incentives.
  • Once the budget is prepared, we even upload the information on appropriate software program or application based on client’s requirement.

To learn how we can support you in planning a profitable budget please get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist.

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Argus Financial Modeling

Uncover ways to maximize property valuation and investor returns

The significance of having complete visibility into the asset performance top down, in the real estate industry, cannot be overemphasized. While excel-based financial models have been in use for years, given the complexities involved, these models fall short in effectively managing large multi-tenant and commercial portfolios. Collecting and validating a deluge of data and accounting for multiple variables require robust modeling structure. That is why, from asset managers, lenders to real estate investors, everyone is increasingly using Argus software to assess and analyze financial data to better understand its impact on valuation and investor returns.

Argus Financial Modeling can improve visibility, simplify access, and streamline flow of critical financial information, powering better decision making and greater returns. Talk to us today to find out how we can help you realize the potential of this tool and unlock opportunities to maximize business value.

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Data Visualization

Harnessing the Power of Data

Thanks to various accounting and property management software real estate companies are inundated with data that can provide valuable insights, build business intelligence and drive better outcomes. But how do you visualize such massive amount of data? Most companies struggle to make sense of data and present it in a way that is understandable and usable. That said, data visualization is the first step towards harnessing the power of data. It is critical to data analysis and provides a whole new perspective into business operations. Effective visualization is a powerful tool that can help uncover and understand trends and patterns like never before and make smarter business decisions.

Find out how good data visualization can help explore untapped potential and deliver right-fit business solutions. Talk to us and we will tell you how our service can help you see relevant data, discover key business drivers and make informed decisions.

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Real Estate Marketing

Optimizing Real Estate Marketing Activities

Uncertain economic environment, aggressive competition, growing influence of digitization and drastically shifting industry landscape characterize the real estate market today. To survive and thrive in this tough marketspace industry players are increasingly focusing and relying on the impact of their marketing efforts. Your marketing campaigns must deliver optimum return on investment (ROI) and its success relies on the speed and quality.

We can help fix the gaps or provide end-to-end support depending on where you are on your marketing journey. Talk to us to find out how we can help you overcome pressing issues, ensure speedy delivery and optimize marketing activities efficiency to drive better sales outcomes.

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Real Estate Data Services

Springbord can help you leverage data to your advantage. Our comprehensive real estate data services, designed for various segments, offer comprehensive data management services that you can use to optimize operations and make informed decisions.
Springbord has been a preferred real estate service provider, with demonstrated data management capabilities, offering specialized and custom solutions to its clients.

We can help you drive greater business value and gain competitive advantage by harnessing high-quality, accurate, and up-to-date information from reliable and authoritative sources. Our data specialists bring years of domain experience and are adept at sourcing, validating, standardizing, and enriching real estate data. Flexible engagement models, custom solutions, high quality, and timely delivery define our services in this regard.

Springbord’s Real Estate Data Services

Brokers and MLS

Tracking, sourcing, enriching, and delivering the most accurate and complete property and neighborhood data.

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Property Data
and Intelligence

Collecting, cleansing, and delivering a comprehensive list of commercial properties, upcoming projects, and occupancy patterns.

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Construction Data
and Analytics

Capturing, standardizing, and providing the most comprehensive building product information, list of upcoming projects, and new updates.

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Leveraging the Springbord Advantage

Drawing on our extensive experience working with real estate companies across the world, we have built in-depth industry knowledge, capabilities, and resources that enable us to offer comprehensive back-office support and focused and advanced data solutions across various segments.

By partnering with us, you can build greater agility and data management and visualization capabilities and power business growth through insightful business decisions, operational efficiency, and compelling marketing strategies. By outsourcing your real estate services to us, you can realize both operational and tangible benefits including:

  • Increased cost efficiency through operational agility and optimized resource utilization, productivity, and performance
  • Greater flexibility and scalability through custom engagement models designed to suit your budget and operational requirements
  • Highest-quality output ensured by stringent quality assurance and backed by six sigma practices
  • Wider reach and greater customer engagement with meaningful and deep data insights
  • Informed and profitable business decisions powered by a comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date business database
  • Accelerated go-to-market capabilities with better access to market and predictive trends
  • Improved revenue opportunities through competitive analysis and actual market visibility
  • Guaranteed data protection and integrity

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Thought Leadership

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