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Augmented Reality Real Estate Services


Provide a Virtual Tour of the Property to Augment Real Estate Sales

Typically, realtors follow physical staging to showcase properties to potential buyers. Professional home staging has been an effective marketing strategy for years. However, it is an expensive and time-consuming process for both realtors as well as homebuyers/renters. And given the intensifying competition and pressure to expand reach and boost sales, real estate agents are adopting technology to stage homes virtually. Augmented reality (AR) real estate is a powerful tool that realtors can use to showcase listings to homebuyers anytime, anywhere at a fraction of a cost and time.

We help you reduce overhead and turnaround time, increase efficiency and in turn boost profitability.

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What Springbord Can Do for You

Combining our industry knowledge and technical know-how we design AR-based apps for iOS, Android and Windows to help real estate companies accelerate property staging process, reach more buyers and drive sales. Using various software development kit (SDKs/devkits) our team of talented developers build easy-to-use apps designed to offer immersive experience through touch gestures, 360-degree view and 3D walkthrough of the properties. A high performing and optimized app tailored to your business needs allows you to offer a brilliant and complete visualization of the property.

What more? An augmented reality (AR) app enables you to create beautifully staged properties in a matter of minutes with meagre investment. You can offer stunning virtual real estate tours across dozens of locations, making it easier for your prospects to get a real sense of the property and in turn make informed choice and decision.

Whether it is interior or exterior, you can select furnishings, décor and style and customize each virtual staging depending on your target audience. You can even integrate high-resolution renderings and use the 3D viewer to simulate a real-life tour of the property. This would allow your buyers/renters to visualize the property and how well the furniture would fit. With an AR app you have the power to provide a sense of space, scale and dimension – all at the touch of your fingertips, without the trouble of going through the physical staging process.

Why partner with Springbord

Drawing on our industry experience and data management capabilities, we help you explore and harness the power of AR technology to your competitive advantage. By employing AR-based apps, you can not just simplify and accelerate the process of buying and selling properties but also get access to wealth of data that can provide actionable marketing insights and quantify return on investment.

  • We develop custom AR solutions built to deliver exceptional customer service and drive business growth.
  • Provide product lifecycle management and support services.
  • Develop platform-agnostic solutions to ensure easy mobile integration and scalability.

To learn more about how we can help you realize the power of this game changing technology, optimize time and money, expand reach and deliver more engaging experience to your buyers, Talk to us today!