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Are you leaving money on the table?

As a property owner/manager you understand the criticality of common area maintenance (CAM) reconciliation and the impact it has on the valuation of a property and profitability. But commercial real estate CAM reconciliation is a herculean task that is complex and tricky. And if not done diligently, even a minor error can lead to significant financial losses.

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How Springbord can help?

We can help you address this challenge and ensure accurate, timely and efficient CAM reconciliation, maximizing revenue opportunities and facilitating profitable operations.

We offer a whole spectrum of CAM reconciliation services:

  • Analyze lease documents, calculate admin fees and accurate tenant’s share of expenses
  • Identify relevant exclusions in expense grouping
  • Calculate appropriate cap based on controllable and non-controllable expense categories
  • Apply Anchor Tenant contribution if any
  • Compare tax and insurance amounts with respective parcels
  • Validate escrows paid by each tenant
  • Prepare variance analysis to find year-on-year variance
  • Notify landlord on any unusual building expenses and update reconciled amount on client database
  • Prepare and send invoices to the tenants
  • Ensure proactive and seamless client communication and data management

Why Partner with Us?

Our extensive experience working with global real estate companies has helped us build a deep understanding of the industry dynamics. In addition, combining our skilled talent pool, advanced tools and methodologies we help streamline and improve the process, optimizing efficacy, timely recovery and maximizing cash flow. We also bring following advantages to the table.

Accelerated Turnaround Time

99.9% Accuracy on Expense Recovery

2-Level Quality Assurance Process

Extended Support to help effectively manage Tenant Communication

Dispute resolution analysis to identify triggers and eliminate future conflicts

Six Sigma processes and trained lease professionals

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