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Payment Reconciliation


Streamline Payment Reconciliation across Ecommerce Marketplaces to Boost Profitability

Ecommerce marketplaces are of strategic importance for many sellers. The prime reason is that their products reach millions of potential shoppers from across the world who frequent these marketplaces. In addition, sellers also have an incredible opportunity to boost growth and profitability and improve their brand visibility. Reconciling payments from these marketplaces, however, is a major challenge for many of them. The issue is that payment terms, commission structure, return policies, fees, penalties, and other related charges differ across marketplaces. Therefore, tracking and reconciling payments from multiple marketplaces proves quite overwhelming, as a result of which many sellers simply rely on the payment practices of marketplaces. Nevertheless, this approach results in sellers often incurring losses or leaving money on the table, resulting in reduced profits. Naturally, this precipitates the question: Are you making as much money as expected from your ecommerce venture?

We help you reduce overhead and turnaround time, increase efficiency and in turn boost profitability.

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What Springbord Can Do for You

Springbord’s payment reconciliation solution provides you with comprehensive visibility into the financial data from multiple marketplaces, giving you complete control over your payments while helping you manage them efficiently. Using top-of-the-line software solutions along with optimized processes, we organize and categorize your payments from various channels and break down net payments after accounting for fees and deductions made by marketplaces. You can now easily view and track all your payments, fees, and deductions and reconcile them profitably. In the following section, we briefly highlight what Springbord can do for you:

Although it is a popular pricing structure, it usually varies across marketplaces and can either be a certain percentage per transaction or a flat rate. Plus, products in some categories may also have a per-item minimum referral charge. Such complicated structures make clear distinguishing of these charges a daunting prospect. We help you determine these fees and also identify if any commissions have been charged incorrectly.

Why Partner with Springbord

Springbord understands that e-commerce is a highly demanding and complex business characterized by intense competition. Payment reconciliation plays a critical part in overall profitability. We help simplify that process; enhance efficiency; minimize losses; and above all, boost your bottom line. We ensure that you have complete visibility into the payment data from marketplaces so that you are able to eliminate faulty charges and recover every refund/reimbursement successfully.

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