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Reinvent the Mall Business to Stay Relevant

Shopping experience has gone way beyond the brand and the product. With consumers increasingly shifting from buying at the physical store to shopping online, there is a growing demand for unique experience. These headwinds are compelling mall owners to reimagine their business to survive and thrive in this new environment. They are striving hard towards transforming their business to meet the new market imperatives and maximize foot traffic and value of investments.

Consequently, shopping center owners are increasingly striving to embrace a distinct mix of design and operational strategies to boost revenue management. With mall owners seeking to drive smarter business decisions and accelerate strategic changes, they need to explore data analytics, digital technologies, and develop modern and collaborative capabilities.

We help you reduce overhead and turnaround time, increase efficiency and in turn boost profitability.

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Boost Responsiveness by Outsourcing Real Estate Services

At Springbord, we understand that a future-ready shopping center business is one that is primed to offer outstanding consumer experience, enable informed tenant negotiation, and help stores drive profitable outcomes. With mall owners under immense pressure to reinvent, diversify, and build dynamic capabilities, outsourcing some of the tasks will allow you to focus on these core strategies.

You can rely on Springbord and offload more time-consuming, mundane, and regular processes. This allows you to channelize your resources and time to drive innovation and transformation while ensuring process efficiency and rigor. Our retail real estate portfolio comprises services that are designed to offer complete operational and administrative support designed to deliver cost and process efficiencies. Employing advanced technology, industry best practices, and robust data management capabilities, we enable you to streamline processes, alleviate risk of non-compliance, and build better visibility into the lease data and processes. You can better focus on creating a competitive edge and delivering differentiated performance while we take care of tedious yet essential processes.

Leveraging the Springbord advantage

Leveraging our in-depth industry knowledge, proven data management capabilities, and extensive experience working with commercial real estate players across the globe, we deliver incremental value on your investments. As you focus, build, and execute innovative and disruptive strategies, we help you boost business performance by optimizing operational and administrative efficiencies. Our cost-effective, scalable and technology-enabled solutions and services help you boost agility and responsiveness to stay relevant and drive profitability.

By partnering with us you can derive quantifiable benefits in terms of speed, cost, process efficiency, and optimized productivity through following advantages that we bring to every engagement.

  • In-depth industry knowledge and expertise
  • Dedicated team of professionals with diverse background and training
  • Extensive experience working with global real estate companies
  • Robust quality assurance practices backed by Six Sigma practices
  • Guaranteed data protection and integrity

Tell us about your challenges and we can offer bundled services tailored to meet your business-specific requirements. Ensure greater focus on building smart strategies as we take care of your non-core processes. With us as your partner you can optimize productivity, while ensuring process and cost efficiency and regulatory compliance. Talk to us to find out how we can help maximize bottom line.

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