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Keeping Pace with the Evolving Industry Landscape

Property management is one of the most challenging and dynamic businesses. It demands a diverse set of skills and experience to manage a wide range of processes as every property portfolio varies vastly in nature, size, and type. Property management companies are striving hard to hire and retain quality talent. Although, they are under immense pressure to do more with less to contain cost and run a lean organization in the face of rapidly shifting landscape.

Increasing digitization, growing tenant and client expectations, and aggressive competition are compelling industry players to swiftly adapt to the change. However, these pressing issues are magnified due to lack of adequate time and resources. The new and evolving market imperatives demand more strategic initiatives and efforts. To stay ahead of the curve, companies need to adopt newer technologies, realign resources for growth and streamline process for higher efficiency. And build better data management capabilities to power smarter processes and effective decision making.

We help you reduce overhead and turnaround time, increase efficiency and in turn boost profitability.

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Outsourcing real estate services to drive profitable outcomes

At Springbord, we understand the dynamic and complex challenges faced by property management companies as the cost of doing business continue to rise. What this means is that property managers need to upskill and realign their efforts to drive more business value. And the best way to achieve that is by outsourcing non-core yet essential functions to us, thereby freeing up your in-house resources time and allowing them to focus on core strategies and maximizing revenue.

Drawing on its extensive experience and industry knowledge, Springbord offers comprehensive real estate outsourcing services designed to help clients overcome hurdles, enhance process efficiency, contain cost, and drive more strategic outcomes. We offer a whole spectrum of services powered by advanced technology, industry best practices, and robust data management capabilities that can be bundled to meet your business-specific requirements and budget.

Springbord’s Real Estate Services Portfolio

Lease Abstraction

Concise, accurate, and timely summaries readily accessible for you to update, review and use.

Lease Administration

Comprehensive lease administration services help optimize portfolio performance and ensure strict compliance.

CAM Reconciliation Services

Accurate, timely, and efficient CAM reconciliation enables you to maximize revenue opportunities and run profitable operations.

Lease Validation Services

Validated, streamlined, tagged and organized lease documents per your requirements ensure data accuracy and ease of accessibility.

CAM Audit / Desktop Audit Services

Certified experts examine expenses and compare with the lease contact to ensure CAM charges are accurate, fair, timely, and recoverable

Lease Data Migration Services

Convert, migrate, audit and integrate lease data with all the major accounting and financial and property management systems.

Argus Financial Modeling

Improve visibility, simplify access, and streamline flow of critical financial information, powering better decision making and greater returns.

Leveraging the Springbord advantage

As you continue to operate in a dynamic, fragmented, and highly competitive market, we understand that it can be challenging to navigate and achieve business objectives. That is where we come in.

Springbord has collaborated with many property management companies enabling them to drive strategic business outcomes as we managed their non-core functions efficiently and timely. With us as your partner you can build dynamic capabilities and agility to swiftly respond to market demands. By partnering with us you can derive quantifiable benefits in terms of cost, process efficiency, and optimized productivity through following advantages that we bring to every engagement.

  • In-depth industry knowledge and expertise
  • Dedicated team of professionals with diverse background and training
  • Extensive experience working with global real estate companies
  • Robust quality assurance practices backed by Six Sigma practices
  • Guaranteed data protection and integrity

Tell us about your challenges and we can offer customized services to reduce your burden, address the pressing issues and optimize productivity while ensuring process and cost efficiency and regulatory compliance. Talk to us to find out how we can help maximize bottom line.

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