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Real Estate Services for Law Firms

Optimize Real Estate Due Diligence with Legal Support Services

A comprehensive appraisal of any business is what allows a law firm to prepare for and advise on real estate mergers and acquisitions, investments, and/or even litigations. A due diligence helps evaluate the commercial potential of a transaction and the factors affecting it. Without access to key financial, legal, and business data points, it would be difficult to conduct a thorough and targeted due diligence. Processes such as common area maintenance (CAM) audit, reconciliation, and lease abstraction play a key role in any transaction and due diligence related to commercial real estate leases.

Every law firm may not have a dedicated leasing team to handle all things related to commercial lease, in the absence of which, may law firms often tend to rely on generic forms and templates to extract and review lease information. However, templates are only helpful when dealing with smaller lease portfolios that follow a generic format. For managing larger and more complex lease portfolios, you need dedicated professionals who can offer timely and efficient services.

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Law firms can rely on Springbord to provide complete support in

Managing and abstracting any type and scale of commercial real estate and equipment leases

  • Ensure thorough and meticulous review of large and complex lease portfolios
  • Offer custom abstraction services covering every critical lease information/term, summarized as per transaction-specific requirements
  • Deliver accurate, timely, and precise commercial lease portfolio data, making the process of due diligence easier and quicker
  • Provide lease abstracts in a variety of templates/formats as per clients’ choice for easy integration with any industry leading lease administration software including Yardi Voyager, Visual Lease, IBM TRIRIGA, On-Site and others
  • Offer multilingual lease abstraction

Handling CAM audit and reconciliation for any commercial real estate lease portfolio, irrespective of scale and complexity

  • Provide comprehensive support with every CAM-related matter so that you can focus on the core and strategic aspects
  • Get access to experienced professionals who can help drive greater value at an affordable rate
  • Correctly identify and calculate CAM charges as per lease terms to ensure compliance and profitable CAM reconciliation
  • Help determine whether CAM charges are accurate and fair and provide a thorough audit report to support any litigations/claims
  • Help contain and optimize lease-related operational costs

Springbord’s Legal Support Services

At Springbord, we understand the key role lease management plays in the process of due diligence, transaction management, and litigation. Combining our extensive industry experience and domain knowledge with our six sigma–based quality controls and process management skills, we offer legal support services for real estate lease management. These are designed to help clients enhance process efficiency, contain cost, and drive more strategic outcomes. Our services can be bundled to meet your business-specific requirements and budget.

Our services include


Lease Abstraction

Concise, accurate, and timely summaries readily accessible for you to update, review, and use.

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CAM Reconciliation Services

Accurate, timely, and efficient CAM reconciliation enables you to maximize revenue opportunities and run profitable operations.

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CAM Audit/Desktop Audit Services

Certified experts examine expenses and compare with the lease contract to ensure CAM charges are accurate, fair, timely, and recoverable.

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