As B2B media shifts to digital, it’s time to harness data to accelerate growth and optimize bottom line

as-b2b-media-shifts-to-digital-its-time-to-harness-data-to-accelerate-growth-and-optimize-bottom-line - Springbord

B2B media and information industry is undergoing a fundamental shift with companies increasingly relying on digital and events for revenue growth. A survey predicts that by 2020 revenues from content and data products will increase from 20% (2015) to 23% and digital resources from 17% (2015) to 21%.

To keep pace with the trend we see a lot of B2B media and information companies investing in digital to adopt data-driven solutions. As the market expectations and bars reset, the next wave is compelling the B2B media and information industry to transform business practices and value proposition.

Let’s look at how the market is reshaping and what it means for you to have rich, actionable data that can help tap and engage high-potential prospects.

Dig into the treasure trove

Data worldwide is growing at an unprecedented rate that is daunting for any marketing and sales leader. In fact with B2B media companies turning to digital, they typically generate a large number of leads annually, this is stored along with a vast amount of metadata or additional information. However, companies barely utilize this static lead information or database to its full potential given its extent and complexity. Imagine if you could mine this wealth of data, it would not only help gain in-depth visibility into industry trends, customer consumption preference etc., but also provide strategic insights.

To uncover these meaningful patterns and trends, you need to tame this data by adopting analytical solutions. Algorithmic capabilities can help process vast amounts of data and create better and relevant customer interactions based on customer preference and predictive analysis.

Cut through the noise and keep pace

The major takeaway here is that B2B media companies are no longer restricted to top-funnel activities. The amount of additional data collected across the customer lifecycle offers unparalleled value. We know that relevance is key to superior engagement in today’s digital age, insights derived from these metadata allow you to create personalized and targeted campaigns optimizing marketing ROI and its effectiveness, while reducing spam.

This intelligence can not only help you monetize the existing data asset but also create deeper engagement and drive incremental business value. In an aggressively competitive market the only way to differentiate and drive growth above market is by effectively mining this ever increasing goldmine of data.

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